Imaginary Gardens

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Dear Contributor: 

We are pleased that you are interested in submitting to Pellissippi State‚Äôs student literary journal. Please carefully read the information below before submitting your work to Imaginary Gardens. Submissions that do not follow these guidelines may not be considered for publication. 

NOTE: Submissions are open to Pellissippi State Community College students and alumni. Proof of association with the college may be required in some cases.

The journal accepts the following work: 

  • Poetry 
  • Fiction: short stories
  • Nonfiction essays and interviews
  • Book reviews
  • Graphic novels and essays 
  • Multimedia (short movies, documentaries, poetry in motion, spoken word, audio stories, interviews, etc.) 
  • Claymation 
  • Photography 
  • Artwork (typically in photo format) 
  • Screenplays 
  • All other formats, please query editors before submitting 

Note that our editors are primarily interested in literary fiction, not genre fiction (i.e. science fiction, romance, mystery, thrillers, fantasy, etc.); however, if your work falls into that category and has literary elements to it, please feel free to submit for consideration. 

Please note that acceptance of work is made on a rolling basis, meaning the first work submitted will be the first work evaluated and potentially accepted for our web editions of the journal. This means acceptance is made on a first-come, first-served basis. 

The print edition will comprise the best of the year's web publications, as well as some work that will be reserved for print-only publication. All decisions regarding the print edition will be made at the editorial staff's discretion. 

Please note the following guidelines for work: 

  • No submissions over 8,000 words. 
  • No video submissions over 30 minutes in length. 
  • No pornography or graphic sexual content. Tasteful figure studies will be given serious consideration. Sexual content that advances the narrative will be given consideration.
  • No graphic violence or depictions of murder, etc., unless the descriptions advance the narrative.
  • No low-resolution photos or JPG files. Send your best work in its most robust format. 

You can expect that editors will work with you regarding length, content, and surface editing. In addition, nonfiction work will be fact-checked and vetted for plagiarism.  

All files MUST include your last name, both in the header and in the file name. For example, you might submit two files as follows: jones-alice-short-story.docx & jones-alice-art-photo.jpg.

We look forward to reading and considering your work for publication. Thank you for your submission. 


The Editors 

Imaginary Gardens